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A sad farewell to a founding member of Blue Knights AB V

Ekke Kok passed away on May 7th in Banff, AB. Ekke is lovingly remembered by his wife Magda and his two sons Ekke Jr. and Onno, family members, friends and all the Blue Knights whose lives he touched so dearly. Ekke was a founding member of the Blue Knights AB V Chapter which began fifteen years ago in Calgary. Believing in what was right, Ekke always brought an exuberant energy and passion to doing what he loved.

A long procession of Blue Knights and police motorcycles led the funeral coach to St. Paul's Catholic Church in Airdrie on May 16, 2017. Members of the Blue Knights AB V Chapter stood at attention, lining the full length of the church hall on both sides as Blue Knights President, Jim Perry piped in the family. All were there in honour and respect for the man who gave so much of his time and love to his chapter. Blue Knights AB V Vice President, Mike Wheeler delivered the Blue Knights prayer during the service followed by Jim Perry piping the recessional hymn, "Amazing Grace".

Ekke in Heaven 1. He will be missed by all.

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