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Revolutionary Automatic Turn Signal Cancelation System Set To Debut Worldwide, Expected To Transform

Revolutionary Automatic Turn Signal Cancelation System Set To Debut Worldwide, Expected To Transform Motorcycle Safety

-- Smart Turn System Developed by Abcs sistem ltd. Automatically Cancels Turn Signals to Accurately Communicate Rider's Turns and Lane Changes to Other Motorists, Helps Prevent Collisions --

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, manufacturers of the all-new industry-changing turn signal cancelation system for nearly all types of motorcycles, announced the release of the Smart Turn System (STS), which is set to standardize safety and revolutionize the motorcycle world. The STS is a device that analyzes more than 300 different types of data to automatically cancel turn signals if a rider has forgotten to turn them off after making a turn or lane change. By automatically canceling a turn signal, other motorists won't mistake the intentions of a motorcyclist by assuming an incoming turn when they're not.

The Smart Turn System is a small device directly wired into a motorcycle's existing turn signal system and its internal sensors capture and send data through a complex algorithm to help determine the bike's lean angle, heading, vibrations, and acceleration to detect if the turn has been completed and if the turn signals need to be canceled. All of this is done automatically, allowing the rider to focus on the road and enjoy the ride.

"One of the most important aspects of riding a motorcycle is safety and we feel the proper operation of turn signals is one of the most critical elements of safe riding. This is why we developed the Smart Turn System, and we feel it's really going to improve the riding experience for thousands of motorcycle riders around the world," said Miha Kovač, chief executive officer of Abcs sistem ltd. "Unlike other systems that rely on timers and simple sensors to automatically cancel turn signals, the STS uses several pieces of information and a complex algorithm to accurately determine if the rider has completed a turn or lane change. The STS gives you the peace of mind that you no longer have to look down to see if your signal is activated because it's automatically canceled."

The STS has been in development for two years and is coming to market after extensive testing on several types of motorcycles and hundreds of hours in different riding situations. Abcs's team of engineers has assembled some of the top electronic components and sensors available to ensure the proper operation of the device. Since most motorcycles don't have a factory-installed turn signal cancelation system, the STS is the perfect addition to nearly any motorcycle. Additionally, the STS can be added to several different motorcycles with a factory-installed turn signal cancelation system to improve their existing system. There are factory systems incorporating some elements of the STS, but none have captured the precise set of information and algorithm required to account for all different types of turns and maneuvers conducted by motorcyclists.

The STS will be available for pre-order in April and offered at a discount for a limited-time. After this period, the retail price will be 149€. The product will be available for purchase at and at top motorcycle retailers. Installation is simple and can be done by a rider with basic mechanical knowledge of their motorcycle. Installation photos and instructions are also on the website and videos will be added shortly for consumers to see a step-by-step process on installing the product. For more information about the Smart Turn System, visit

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