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Ryan Reynolds uses his custom Triumph bike to 'escape' the crush of fame

Deadpool’s snarky, perverse hero takes off his red suit to talk about his passion for riding and about his custom Triumph Thruxton bike.

Built by Kott Motorcycles in LA, the modified motorcycle has become even more beautiful than the already stunning British two-wheeler and far more usable. His racing green Thruxton was turned into a beautiful brown custom ride, with tailor-made design tweaks all over.

“I’m always checking out builders, says Reynolds, “but there aren’t a lot of builders that have that ‘special thing’…that something that really takes a bike from having the right shape, having the right elements to having a bike that I feel like I would like to own for my entire life. Dustin Kott, to me, exemplifies that.”

Asked why he was attracted to bikes, Reynolds shared that he’s acquired his first bike at age 15, a Honda CB750…and that got him hooked on riding. After his brother got the bike running, Reynolds would sneak out to ride and explore.

After finding success in Hollywood, riding gets him away from what he describes as “the crush of fame” and now, riding serves as an escape from his A-list celebrity life.

Reynolds moved to L.A. when he was 18. When asked if he expected to be successful, he replied, “I would love to be able to say that I saw it coming but my expectations were quite minimal…I’m just humbled by the fact that I’m able to be a working actor. I never had a plan and I’m still surprised…still feel like I’m in mid-journey…I’m still figuring out what’s going to happen next.”

“Riding a bike in L.A. as a young actor being exposed to a great deal of sensory overload-which is what Hollywood can kind of be, the bike sort of saved my life,” says Reynolds. “That was my outlet, my place I would go. Anytime I’m at a crossroad in my life, if I get on a bike, I can figure it all out. ”

“I love any kind of road trip where you don’t know where you’re going to sleep…that to me is fun…an adventure…that’s what it’s all about,” says Reynolds. “I feel 100% that there’s a spiritual connection to riding a bike. You’re at play with the environment, I think in essence…mediating.” You can’t do anything on a bike, except ride…and breathe…no distractions, just riding pleasure.”

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