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Saying goodbye to one of our own

Seating was full at Leyden's Elbow Valley Funeral Home this afternoon as family, friends and colleagues shared in loving memories of Blue Knight's AB V Honorary Member Bob Weselosky. Firefighter's in dress uniform and Blue Knights AB V members filled row after row after row inside the sunshine filled chapel, demonstrating just how many lives Bob touched in his time here.

Piped selections of "Amazing Grace" by President AB V Jim Perry and CFD Derek Docherty resonated through the room followed by "We Were Soldiers" piped by President AB V Jim Perry and accompanied by CFD retired Captain Ron Dees. It was a beautiful tribute to a man who was described as "a loving person who was always there for his family...always there for the job...always there as a friend...without a word of complaint...ever."

Pastor Jeff Halldorson came from Chicago to officiate and AB V John Couture shared a Blue Knight's farewell.

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