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Ever wonder how a crest is developed?  What do all the symbols mean?


The Blue Knights' AB V crest was created with great care and pride knowing that with its creation, the AB V Crest would become a symbol of meaning adorned by all club members. 


Like the evolution of many things, the AB V Crest began as a discussion.  What is meaningful to us and how do we project that onto a crest to be worn with pride?


Crest History 1.jpg




Before long, ideas became sketches and the evolution of the prototype began.   Sketching, cutting, a time long before Photoshop... the first crest emerged.  The first crest had a black background with a black border.  Many of it's features got lost in the design and it was time to return to the drawing board. 

Second crest, smaller than the first saw more vivid colours and cleaner lines making the symbols pop.  Surrounded by a gold band and meticulous outlines, the symbols now felt strong.  Turquoise feathers, font changes and a redesigned shield stood out with clean lines and strong definition.

It was at that point that the decision was made to distinguish the Executive and Membership through the colouring of the Blue Knights letters on the shield; gold for the Executive and blue for members.

Crest History.jpg



1.  The shield for protection

2.  The sword to Defend and Serve

3.  The Helm represents the nobleness of our chosen

     profession and the Law Enforcement Community

4.  The 10 Maple leaves represent “the first ten”  members

     required to get our Charter

5.  Inside the shield are the Foothills, the Calgary City skyline

     and the majestic Alberta Rocky Mountains

6.  The gold bars represent the roads on which we...





Thank you Eric for providing the photos and Crest history!

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