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History of the AB V Badge


The AB V badge was created on July 25th 2011.



Three agencies that make up our chapter are reflected in the shape of the badge.  They include:

  1. The largest or the background shape is the shape of the RCMP Badge

  2. The second shape is the Star Burst which represents the shape of all the Alberta Provincial Law Enforcement Agencies I.e. Sheriffs , Corrections Officers , Probation and Peace Officers.

  3. The rope surrounding the AB V Crest represents the shape of the Calgary Police Service Badge, as well as the Alberta Protective Services Badge.



The 38 Black marks in the Star burst are the number of members we had in the chapter when the badge was created in 2011.

 “LE” and “MC” stand for Law Enforcement and Motor Cycle

Two Canadian Flags to represent our country.

Within the AB V Badge lies the AB V Crest with it's blue feather, sword and shield.  Together they represent law enforcement and the Blue Knights.

The Three bars in the middle represent the roads we travel.

The ten Maple leafs  surrounding the shield represent the number of members in the Chapter when it was first formed on May 21, 2002.

The Small crest on the shield shows the Calgary skyline and the majestic Rocky Mountains.

The black backgrounds in the crest represent our fallen members...Heaven 1

AB V Badge.jpg
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